French compositeur Byron Coley

C'est la guerre in the Composer's section at the Centre George Pompidou bookstore
(picture by Thurston Moore)

We've put out Byron Coley's C'est la guerre : early writings 1978-1983 in may last year. A lot of talk about it on the web in the US but very little press. Europe seems strangely more into inking the good news : first there was a great article in the Wire , there was also a nice word on it in Mojo. Now, it is in France (where the bilingual book is widely available only since november ) that the press is picking up. Check out Guy Mercier's great article in Paris' free cultural rag Balise (november 2011). And, just this week, came out a beautiful little note in the new issue of France's foremost literary magazine Le Matricule des Anges ( january 2012). Blogs there are also buzzing over it but this, anyone can find.

Under the applause : Byron Coley
(picture by Benoît Chaput)

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