Bulk cargo

Long long february leap.

* Kiva Stimac, the great lady behind Popolo Press in Montreal (and the spirit behind the Sala Rossa and Casa del Popolo along with her partner Mauro) did an interview with L'Oie de Cravan that you can read right here if you don't mind scary pictures.

* L'Oie de Cravan travels : we'll be in Paris from mars 16 to 19th, taking part in the Paris book fare (Salon du livre de Paris), stand U51. Come see us !
We'll also be in Los Angeles on mars 24th to take part in Shelf life 2 : A big day for Small Press with our friend Byron Coley. We'll have a fine sample of our books, normally hard to find in this part of the Americas. Do come to see us!

* Some of you might know Le Bathyscaphe, the fine bilingual cultural paper with an international crew that we are so proud of being associated with. Well, here comes Bathysphere, a new, lighter, photocopied free zine offspring of the former, made to measure to flow with the movement of times. The first issue is out and its main focus is on the Occupy movement. You can get it from the crew of Le Bathyscaphe or read it online in pdf format right here. Not much english in this issue though, but you can read here in english the full interview Hermine Ortega did with Mark Read, the guy behind the Bat Signal at Occupy Wall Street (just skip the french intro!).

And these were the news for this long long freezing leap month.