Geneviève Elverum, née Geneviève Gosselin, known as Geneviève Castrée, 
died saturday july 9th 2016 at 1 pm.
She was an incredibly sensitive and creative person. 
Her work is here with us. But we will painfully miss her.


Radio residency 5 - Final

— If you got ears — 
Radio residency of Myriam Gendron & Benoît Chaput, 
every wednesday of september 2015. CKUT 90,3 Montréal.
Poetry & folk.

5- 30/09/15 : Final show
(Sadly this archive is not available anymore)
Starts at 2:32


Artist  / Tittle / Album
Captain Beefheart -- Sure 'nuff 'n yes, I do -- Safe as Milk
Ry Cooder - Get away-- Performance soundtrack
The Rising Sons -- Walking down the line -- Rising sons
Rev. Gary Davis -- Please baby-- The guitar and banjo of…
Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper -- Saudade do Santos-o-Velho -- Cantos da Lisboa
Rev. Gallen -- Irony -- (forthcoming album on the Okraina label)
Myriam Gendron  -- 31-10-2011 -- (unreleased song)
Sun Kill Moon - Glenn Tipton -- Ghosts of the great highway
Travelling Headcase -- Dear Heart walking --  (unreleased)
Stéphane Robitaille -- Vas-tu m'aimer? -- Fuck you mon amour
Pierre Barouh -- Ça va, ça vient -- Ça va, ça vient
Glenn Mercer -- Caroline says (VU cover) -- CDR
Kris Kristofferson -- Just the other side of nowhere (demo version) -- Please don't tell me
Smog--  In the pines --  A river…
Wild Lawns (Gabe Levine) -- St-Louis Square (unreleased)
Kevin Ayers  - Jolie Madame  -- Odd Ditties
Ted Lucas -- Baby where you are -- Ted Lucas
Elisa Ambrogio -- Arkansas --  The immoralist
Olafur Arnalds --Fyrsts -- Living room songs
Joanna Robertson  - Out - Black Moon Days
Anne Briggs -- Fine Horseman --  The time has come
Dick Gaughan -- Jock O' Hazeldean -- Never the same (comp.)
Bert Jansch & John Renbourn  -- After the dance -- Stepping Stones
The Feelies  -- Egytian Reggae (Modern Lovers cover) --  CDR
Glenn Jones  -- Barbecue Bob -- Barbecue Bob
Shanghai Gesture (movie excerpt)
Fred Gelach -- Mutadis Mutandis -- Songs my Mother never sang
Tom Waits -- All the world is green -- Blood Money
Robert Charlebois -- California -- Lindberg 


Radio residency 4

— If you got ears — 
Radio residency of Myriam Gendron & Benoît Chaput, 
every wednesday of september 2015. CKUT 90,3 Montréal.
Poetry & folk.

4- 23/09/15 : Show number four
(Sadly this link is not working anymore)
Starts at 5:56


Artist  / Tittle / Album
Captain Beefheart -- I love you, you big dummy-- Lick my decals off, baby
Roky Erickson-- Don't slander me -- Don't slander me
The Ex -- Eoleyo -- Catch my shoe
The Spies -- Egyptian bird song -- The battle of Bosworth terrace
Pauline Sniff-Sniff (Geneviève Castrée) -- Feuilles de laitue -- Feuilles de laitue
The Raincoats-- Ooh Ooh La la la -- Moving
Eddy Detroit -- Puzuzu-- Immortal gods
Travelling Headcase - Les sublimes maladresses -- Single
Nick Castel --Bulverhythe -- Water margin
Nick Castel -- The flying cloud -- Water margin
Cian Ethrie-- Track 33 -- Volatile
Chéri Bibi -- (from the marvellous radio drama based on Gaston Leroux's story)
Renée Claude -- Tu ne dis jamais rien (Léo Ferré cover)-- Chante Ferré
Léo Ferré --  Âme te souvient-il ? ((Paul Verlaine poem) -- Verlaine / Rimbaud
Brigitte Fontaine et Areski -- Le noir c'est mieux choisi -- Comme à la radio
Sir Richard Bishop - Hadija -- The Tangier sessions
Yiannis Xikouris -- I kriti ton oniron -- Cretian traditional melodies
Lum Guffin -- Old time piece -- Lum Guffin
Elisabeth Cotten --Oh babe, it ain't no lie  -- Freight train…
Marisa Anderon  - Hesitation theme - Mercury
Joel Grare -- Bruissement d'ailes… --  Follow
Glenn Mercer -- Roadrunner (Modern Lovers cover) -- (cdr)
Myriam Gendron -- Between the bars (Elliot Smith cover) -- unreleased cover
Françoise Hardy  -- Ma jeunesse fout le camp--  Ma jeunesse fout le camp
Richard Buckner -- Olie McGee + Fletcher McGee (Edgar Lee Masters poems) -- The Hill
Richard Buckner -- Julia Miller -- The Hill
Lal Waterson -- Never the same -- Never the same
Jackson C. Frank -- I want to be alone -- Jackson C. Frank
John Cale -- Cleo -- Vintage Violence
The Feelies - Fun to be happy (Love Tractor cover)  - Live cdr
Glenn Mercer- Words (Neil Young cover) - cdr


Radio Residency 3

— If you got ears — 
Radio residency of Myriam Gendron & Benoît Chaput, 
every wednesday of september 2015. CKUT 90,3 Montréal.
Poetry & folk.

3- 16/09/15 : Third show
(Sadly this link is not working anymore)
Starts at 3:35


Artist  / Tittle / Album
Captain Beefheart -- Floppy boot stomp-- Bat Chain Puller
Byron Coley-- Captain Beefheart (poem) -- Dating tips for touring bands
Captain Beefheart -- Tupelo -- Grow Finns
Muddy Waters -- Rolling Stone -- Sail on
Mississippi John Hurt -- Creole Belle -- Vol. 1 of original Piedmont
Barna Howard -- Timber, Nails and Tears -- Barna Howard
Kevin Ayers -- Lady Rachel -- Joy of a Toy
Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate  (poem) -- Lunapark 1
Dollar Brand / Johny Dyani --Nanhanje -- Echoes from Africa
(lost half the song as the turntable did something wild)!)
Cat Power -- Metal Heart -- Moon Pix
Tashi Dorji -- Few Thousand words without any -- Tashi Dorji
Bola Sete -- Morning rises thru the mist -- Jungle suite
Monique Morelli -- Catair de Chiala -- Mac Orlan
Éloïse Decazes -- La Glu -- Éloisse Decazes / Eric Chenaux
Éloïse Decazes / Delphine Dora -- Loosing Yelav -- Folk Songs Cycle
Reet -- Lauliku Lapsepöli -- Estonian Folk Songs
Maxine Funke -- Song from island -- Lace
Maxine Funke -- Winter Galaxy -- Lace
Angel Olsen -- White Fire -- Burn your fire
(a Raincoats song got lost to the dust!)
Sun City Girls - Eye Mohini - Singles vol. 3
Donavan -- Riki Tiki Tavi --  Open Road
Myriam Gendron -- Marcoux Labonté -- unreleased cover
White Magic -- One note --  Thru the sun door
The Feelies -- When company comes -- The good earth
The Gun Club -- Mother of earth -- Miami
Crazy Horse -- I don't want to talk about it -- Crazy Horse
Mike Watt -- Dirty Blue Gene -- Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish
(only the first minutes are on the archive)


Radio residency 2

— If you got ears — 
Radio residency of Myriam Gendron & Benoît Chaput, 
every wednesday of september 2015. CKUT 90,3 Montréal.
Poetry & folk.


2- 09/09/15 : Second show
(Sadly this link is not working anymore)
Starts at 3:29

Playlist :
Artist  / Title / Album
Captain Beefheart -- Odd jobs (piano demo)-- Grow Fins
Captain Beefheart -- Odd jobs (vocal demo)-- Grow Fins
Riley Walker -- On the banks of old Kishwaukee-- Primerose Green
Jack Rose -- Sunflower River Blues-- Kensington blues
Michael Chapman -- Last Polish Breakfeast -- Trainsongs
Fernando Pessoa -- O guardador da rebanhos -- poem 
Carlos Paredes -- Romance #2 -- Guitarra Portuguesa
Marisa Anderson -- Deep Gap -- Mercury
Townes Van Zandt  -- If I needed you (live) -- Be here to love me
Leonard Cohen - -Queen Victoria -- Live songs 
Myriam Gendron -- Avalanche --  (unreleased)
Karen Beth -- Come december -- The Joys of Life
Plume Latraverse -- Marie-Lou --  Live au cinéma Outremont
Plume Latraverse -- Sapolin No. 148 -- Pommes de route
Plume Latraverse -- Valse Bretonne -- Triniterre
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski -- Mephisto -- Le Bonheur
Plume Latraverse -- Hold-Up -- Pommes de route
Little Wings -- The way i deux -- Light green leaves
Michael Hurley -- Jocko's lament - Armchair Boogie
Michael Hurley -- Eldorado -- Ancestral Swamp
Robin Remaily -- Under the willow -- Blue Navigator #10 (cd in magazine)
John Fahey -- Westcoast blues - Blind Joe Death
Memphis Jug Band -- Stealin Stealin -- I'm in a strange town (Mississippi records)
Urbain Desbois-- Je ne suis pas seul -- Ma maison travaille plus que moi
Alejandro Escovedo -- Sex Beat-- Bourbonitis Blues
Yo la tengo -- The crying of lot g--  And then nothing turned itself inside out
Lauren Connors & Christina Carter -- Mirrors 1 -- Meditations of the ascension  of Blind Joe Death.


Radio Residency 1

— If you got ears — 
Radio residency of Myriam Gendron & Benoît Chaput, 
every wednesday of september 2015. CKUT 90,3 Montréal.
Poetry & folk.


1- 02/09/15 : First clumsy steps
(Sadly this link is not working anymore)
Starts at 1:57

Liste :
Artist  / Title / Album
Captain Beefheart -- I'm gonna booglarize you, baby -- The Spotlight Kid
Captain Beefheart -- Well -- Trout Mask Replica
Robbie Basho -- Blue Crystal fire -- Visions of the country
Glenn Jones -- The Teething Necklace (For John Fahey) -- Against which the sea continullay beats
Mississippi John Hurt -- Cow Hooking blues -- Folksongs and blues (the first volume of the original Piedmont recordings)
Mike Cooper -- Death Letter -- Oh Really!
Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper -- Pena Panorama -- Cantos de Lisboa
Travelling Headcase -- Psychedelic Tides (Symphonie Martenot) -- Revolutionary Ballads & Love songs
Travelling Headcase    -- Broken man -- Revolutionary Ballads & Love songs
Elizabeth Cotten - -Going down the road feeling bad -- Freight train and other North Carolina Folk songs and tunes 
(Two times in a row.!)
Elizabeth Cotten -- Live at Euphoria Tavern -- Elizabeth Cotten/ Marisa Anderson 7" 
wrongly attributed to Marisa Anderson, and played at wrong speed!!)
Connie Converse -- Talkin' like you - - How sad, how lovely
Molly Drake -- Poor Mum --  Family tree
Nick Drake -- Winter's gone - Family tree
John Fahey -- When the springtime comes again -- The great Santa Barbara Oil Slick
Léo Ferré -- Les corbeaux -- Ferré chante Rimbaud
Renée Claude -- La mémoire et la mer -- On a marché sur l'amour: Renée Claude chante Léo Ferré
Anne Sylvestre -- J'ai rien à dire --  Anne Sylvestre
Robert Charlebois -- Le mont Athos -- Le mont Athos
Pierre Brasseur -- Deux poèmes de Benjamin Péret
Robert Charlebois -- Terre Love -- Le mont Athos
Van Morrison -- Fair play to you -- Veedon Fleece
(Silence, and a part of Griffith Bucks Blues by  Riley Walker)


Not so deep as a well

Live at Casa del Popolo on january 17th 2014.
Picture by Maïcke Castegnier.

Myriam Gendron is central to L'Oie de Cravan's activity for many very good reasons. But this is about her own stuff : she is about to release an album of songs based on Dorothy Parker's poetry. It will be called Not so deep as a well and will be released in mid-february 2014 on Feeding Tube Records (vinyl) and Mama Bird Recording Co. (digital). You can check out her Tumblr right here and listen to Solace, the first song from that forthcoming album.  She also just recently started a Facebook page here.

This is what Byron Coley and Richard Meltzer wrote about the album :

I can say w/out caveat or fear of folly that the disc you now hold is the hottest—and FINEST!—Impossible Love collection in, I dunno, 30 years.  35!  (True.) 

Richard Meltzer, Portland, 2014.
«Not So Deep as a Well» is a wonderful debut album, similar to certain obscure progenitors but possessed of a startling and original grasp of aesthetic holism. It is also a goddamn trip to hear. Enjoy.                             

Byron Coley, South Deerfield, 2014.