Not so deep as a well

Live at Casa del Popolo on january 17th 2014.
Picture by Maïcke Castegnier.

Myriam Gendron is central to L'Oie de Cravan's activity for many very good reasons. But this is about her own stuff : she is about to release an album of songs based on Dorothy Parker's poetry. It will be called Not so deep as a well and will be released in mid-february 2014 on Feeding Tube Records (vinyl) and Mama Bird Recording Co. (digital). You can check out her Tumblr right here and listen to Solace, the first song from that forthcoming album.  She also just recently started a Facebook page here.

This is what Byron Coley and Richard Meltzer wrote about the album :

I can say w/out caveat or fear of folly that the disc you now hold is the hottest—and FINEST!—Impossible Love collection in, I dunno, 30 years.  35!  (True.) 

Richard Meltzer, Portland, 2014.
«Not So Deep as a Well» is a wonderful debut album, similar to certain obscure progenitors but possessed of a startling and original grasp of aesthetic holism. It is also a goddamn trip to hear. Enjoy.                             

Byron Coley, South Deerfield, 2014.

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